Norton NU16

Norton NU16 downloads & install

It’s irresistible that something that age slows down. The common world harness of a computer is between 3 and 5 years. However, laptop crashes will happen at any time, regardless of however well you take care of your computer. Norton Utilities fixes common problems that may reason computer slowdowns — or disadvantage crashes — and forestall keep your computer flowing swimmingly for extended. It’s simple: The a lot of systematic your troublesome private road is the improve your computer activity. And also a lot of abnormal house you have got on your unfeeling drive, the simpler it’s to systematize. Similarly, inaccurate settings could force your computer work additional unfeeling with weak profit to you. We tend to reside within the digital age; therefore it’s typical to masses personal lodge on your computer. Currently, it’s at liberty to stay your digital person separate. Safely get rid of personal teach permanently, therefore nobody will admission them. Think about it as a digital device. Norton NU16 detain what you are doing on your computer your business. It erases your recently opened thread history; similarly, as any have an effect on websites, protective your retreat.

Feature of Norton NU16:

Norton utility 16 is very popular over globally due to following feature:

  • Duplicate file finder
  • Privacy cleaner
  • Repair Drives
  • Registry cleaner, compacting & restore
  • Recover lost file
  • Startup manager
  • Smart updates
  • Application uninstaller
  • System dashboard

To get Norton software 16 in your tool, you need to observe three processes, which consist of down load, installation and activation.


Step to Download Norton NU 16:

  1. Open your browser and go to the official website
  2. Then you login to the Norton account, if you don’t have Norton account then click on “sign in” option.
  3. Now you go on “Order history” tab and right here you may see a list of the entire user subscribed Norton products.
  4. In the list, select Norton NU16 and faucet the order information of it.
  5. Then, copy the product key of Norton NU16 from the order information and click on download button.
  6. After that, the customers will be directed to the “Download Manager” web page. On this page, click on the link for starting the downloading procedure.


Step to Install Norton NU 16:

  1. First off, open the download folder wherein the Norton NU16 has been downloaded through the users.
  2. Choose the Norton NU16 setup file by clicking it double and then after click on the “next” button, while triggered.
  3. Now, follow the whole on-screen guidance and continue for the similarly set up technique.The set up method will take a couple of minutes because it frequently takes time.
  4. As a result, wait until the Norton NU16 gets successfully install to the device. When Norton Utilities 16 gets installed then clicks on finish button.


Step to Activate Norton NU 16:

  1. Release the consumer interface of the Norton NU16 on the device.
  2. It’s going to ask you to set off the Norton NU16 when the console is launched for the primary time on the device
  3. Click at the “Activate Now” button on the main window.
  4. Then, the activation wizard window will appear at the display that shows a shape that required all of the info of the users.
  5. Input the call, e mail address of the customers in addition to the 25 person product activation code in the corresponding fields and now, click on at the “activate now” button.
  6. Then, comply with the on-screen commands for further intending the activation manner.

In case, you face problem regarding download, install and activate, you can contact our “Technical support team” at 24/7.