NORTON ANTIVIRUS – STEPS TO DOWNLOAD, INSTALL, AND ACTIVATE Norton is one of the well-known providers that have shown their impressive techniques within its antivirus products for offering the best layer of defense to the users device against the online threats. The online threats like virus, spyware, malware and other such cyber crimes might cause harm to the users device in several ways. Thus, to keep them protected from getting becoming a victim of virus attack, Norton has launched a number of its antivirus products. Some of them are as follows:

All the Norton Setup has various advanced features like real-time scanning, anti-theft, firewall, and supports different platform like android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. To get any of the Norton Setup to the device, make an excess to the link: And then, need to follow the stepwise procedure to download, install, and activate the Norton setup to the device.

How to Download the Norton Setup?

Follow the stepwise procedure detailed below to download the Norton Setup to the users device, easily:

    1. Open the web browser and access the link as
    2. Now, click the ‘Sign in’ button displayed at the rightmost corner of the page.
    3. And then, sign in to the existing Norton Account using the credentials like email address, phone number, and password associated with it.
    4. If the users Norton Account does not exist then, click the “New User” option and follow the commands to create the Norton Account.

(Please note: For getting the steps to create the new Norton Account, refer the support section of the link:

    1. Once the users successfully sign in to the Norton Account, move to the “Norton Setup” page and click the “Buy Now & Download” button displayed just below its name.
    2. Thus, the users will be directed to the payment page where they could make the payments using any of the available modes for the selected Norton Setup.
    3. Once the payment has been made successfully, an email having the download link by which the users could easily download the “Norton Setup” to their device.
    4. Hence, the .exe file of the Norton Setup will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder (by default).

How to install the Norton Setup?

The steps mentioned below will guide the users path to install the Norton Setup to their device, quickly:

      1. Move to the location where the Norton Setup has been downloaded has been downloaded by the users i.e. the “Downloads” folder.
      2. Select the .exe file of the Norton Setup by double clicking on it.
      3. And then, tap the “YES” button, when prompted.
      4. After this, the users need to enter the “Norton Product Key” within the space offered to them, followed by clicking the ‘Submit button.
      5. Now, on the next window, the agreement and License page will be displayed to the users.
      6. Here, tap the “I Agree” button for initializing the installation process.
      7. Wait until the Norton Setup gets successfully installed to the device.
      8. Once the installation process gets completed on the device, the users may protect their device using the features involved in the Norton Setup.

How to activate the Norton Setup?

The users are unable to utilize the services and features of the Norton Setup, without its activation using the 25-character alpha numeric keycode i.e. Norton Product Key. This Norton Product Key is made available in the order confirmation email retrieved to the users email address, after the payment has been made by them.
So, to activate the Norton Setup, follow the stepwise procedure as detailed below:

      1. Launch the application of the Norton Setup on the device by clicking its icon either on the desktop or on the taskbar.
      2. Now, move to the “Activation” section and enter the ‘Norton Product Key, followed by clicking the ‘Submit button.
        (Important Note: If the users are unable to redeem the Norton Product key then, they may refer the contact us section on the link:
      3. Thus, the Norton Setup will get activated to the device.